Ready, Set, Research! 3 Things You Need to Know as a Fresh UX Researcher
Ready, Set, Research! 3 Things You Need to Know as a Fresh UX Researcher

As a Filipino student taking my first steps into the field of UX Research, figuring out where to start has always been the most difficult part. However, thanks to UXR Conference Anywhere 2020, and UXPH’s scholarship, I was able to attend and hear from professionals around the world, with the comforting sense of clarity that the field isn’t as intimidating and ruthless as I thought it would be.

There’s three key things I’ve taken away from this conference: Being a UX Researcher has no pattern, has a responsibility, and has the key to clarity.

“The Art Of Communication Is The Language Of Leadership.”
— James Humes

Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash

Organizations vary in all shapes, sizes, functions, advocacies, and so much more. As the years go by, more people join with an interest in what they can offer. Just as with many organizations that grow, the structures and hierarchies within these organizations change as well to accommodate the growing visions and roles that need to be fulfilled. More people mean more variations of groups for team communications for different projects. However, more people also mean that it’s more likely that such communications are left unread or completely discarded…

Have an email with the .edu? Keep reading to learn how to maximize its use!

Hi there! After speaking to some of my high school and university friends, I’ve come to realize that there are a LOT of teachers and students who don’t realize just how many discounts and free deals they’re missing out on that they have access to. This especially for private schools, I believe it is important for students to maximize the tuition they had to pay to study there, all the more if they’re hoping to add another skill to their current list!

From student discounts to completely free student packages, the power of the .edu …

Pauline Baterna

UX Research, Product Design, and Product Management. Learning the ropes, learning with vigor. | UXSociety Sec-Gen • DSC-Loyola CHRO

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